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"I have had the pleasure of working with John both personally and as a guest instructor at Shinnecock Hills GC. John's dedication to instruction, excellent communication skills, and friendly demeanor makes him a pleasure to work with. John is a true professional and delivers exceptional results!"

Sean Quinlivan

Head Professional Shinnecock Hills Golf Club


“John Hobbins has shared his knowledge and his Aim Point expertise with my members at Fishers Island Club. As a result, our golf IQ and putting ability has increased by leaps and bounds”.

Dan Colvin 

Head Professional Fishers Island Club


“I have personally worked with John on my game. We have also done clinics with my students at my facility Deepdale Golf Club. He is not only an Aimpoint expert, but he can help anyone with all aspects of their game!! He has an incredible facility in New York City to work on your game and can also travel to customize a golf school for you or your group”!!

Darrell Kestner

Director of Golf Deepdale Golf Club 


“John was excellent at relaying the information I needed to improve my golf game. His knowledge and expertise of Aimpoint green reading and putting in general will help anyone's game. I had my best putting year yet because of our time together”.

Chris Gabriele 

Golf Professional Quaker Ridge Golf Club


“John was a pleasure to work with. His expertise and experience with AimPoint will improve anyone’s game”!

Parker Soule

Head Professional Sebonack Golf Club


“Have hosted John on several occasions to coach my students, guests and members on the fine points of Aimpoint and putting in general, and he never disappoints. His knowledge for this critical part of the game is unmatched. I highly recommend him for all levels of golfers”.

Jason Birnbaum

Director of Instruction Manhattan Woods Golf Club


“John has run Aimpoint Clinics at Pelham CC multiple times. He engages with the group and teaches them in a clear clean way that they can use for themselves going forward. Extremely professional in all dealings”!

Mike Diffley

Head Professional Pelham Country Club


“I have attended John's Aimpoint Clinics, and they are great. He is very attentive to his students, follows up with email and his presentation on the green is very professional”.

Paul Ferrone

PGA Member and Golf Digest Top Club Fitter


“As a fellow AE instructor, John is the person I turn to most for guidance and help. He’s the best at his craft and takes the time with each individual to ensure they get the best instruction they can from him. Whenever I travel, other teachers rave about John’s skills as a teacher, and wit as a great person and friend”.

James Hong

Director of Instruction Harbor Links Golf Course


“I am a former division 1 golfer and current professional golfer. I have taken several Aim point lessons with John Hobbins. My strokes gained putting had dramatically improved from taking these lessons. Aim point has shown me a new way of approaching green reading. Aim point is extremely valuable because it takes out much of the guess work when reading greens and provides a very specific target to aim at. I have recommended AimPoint to many of my teammates and would recommend AimPoint to anybody looking to improve their putting”.

Patrick Healy

Professional Golfer


“John has not only helped me over the years with my putting, short game and mental approach but has also my members. He is an amazing instructor that continues to get better through research and content. Looking forward to seeing John soon”!

Louis De Kerillis

Head Professional Southampton Golf Club


“We have partnered with John for many years now in offering Aimpoint Clinics to our membership. John's knowledge, passion and professionalism shows in his approach and work he does with each of his students. John's instruction would be a great addition to any offerings at your facility”.

Greg Bisconti

Head Professional Saint Andrews Golf Club


“When you want a straight answer, and you want it from someone who knows- John Hobbins is the ONLY stop you need. I have had the pleasure of working alongside John with AimPoint for over 15 years....he continually pushes himself and those around him to make things simpler and more effective......and that is something that helps every golfer’s game”!

Joseph Hallett

LPGA Tour Instructor


“John Hobbins has conducted AimPoint classes at Sunningdale CC on two occasions. Both clinics were a success, and my members thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. John is a terrific teacher and a consummate professional”.

Chris Toulson 

Head Professional Sunningdale Country Club

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