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Private Golf Lessons NYC

Instruction & Coaching

Greenside Golf Academy at Nexus Golf

Located in  one of New York City’s most historically significant areas, John Hobbins has created comprehensive golf lesson programs for players of all ability levels. Using the technology of golf simulators, launch monitors and cutting edge putting tools John is able to leverage instruction experience and technology to maximum advantage for instruction and coaching in full swing, short game and putting, as well as course strategy sessions.

Instruction Sessions for adults are offered as follows:

Each session includes an Onform Video Analysis 

  • Introductory Lesson $225.00     

  • One-hour session: $275.00      

  • Two-hour session: $500.00      

  • Five one-hour lessons package: $1200.00      

  • Ten one-hour lessons package:  $2250.00     

Instruction Sessions for juniors are offered as follows:

Each session includes an Onform Video Analysis

     Introductory Session for One-hour $200.00   

     One-hour session: $225.00   

     Two-hour session: $400.00   

     Five one-hour lesson package: $1000.00   

    Ten one-hour lesson package:  $1900.00  





The feedback you’ll receive with the ultra-high-speed club and ball flight tracking technology and video enable John to examine your golf swing motion from multiple angles while capturing essential ball and club data. This New York City location allows you to develop your game in a climate-controlled environment. John uses all this information to determine what the interaction of the ball and club were to produce the shot and to understand the motor pattern changes you will be making for improved shot making performance. To ensure complete understanding John produces a personalized Onform video, using the Onform app which is subscription based but included of your instruction experience.  The Onform app provides a complete with voiceover and graphics, that both analyzes your swing motion and compares it to a model golf swing. This app is a great way to review the key takeaways from each session.

Group Lessons

Create your own group for an education in good times! Available at facilities in the Tri-State area, or contact John about having him pay a visit to your home club or course. 

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Corporate Outings

Single or multiple day instruction/ playing and coaching outings are available throughout the year at destinations throughout the United States and the Caribbean. The student-teacher ratio is typically 4-1 to ensure personalized attention.

Working on a better backswing position and understanding how the wrists are setting
Working on the backswing plane toi place the club in the correct arc
The correct address position insures a more successful motion

Aimpoint Green Reading Clinics

I am a Senior Level 4 Certified AimPoint Instructor conducting green reading sessions for individuals and groups as well as club memberships and corporate outings. I supply all the necessary materials and need only a putting green with slope built into it. The sessions are a minimum of two hours, and I can do multiple sessions per day. These sessions are a wonderful addition to the golfer’s education as everyone walks away with an improved putting performance. 

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