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Directed Force Putters

Lie Angle Balanced Putter

The L.A.B. Putter has been engineered and manufactured to eliminate torque and unwanted face rotation in the putting stroke. This innovative Lie Angle Balancing allows the player to make a more stable stroke which promotes accuracy and distance control.


Custom Fit - With the usage of the Directed Force Fitting System each putter is custom fit for Lie Angle and Length utilizing the Revealer to show the stability of the putter as well as the Fitting Putter designed to fit both RH and LH players.


Each putter is fitted with the trademarked Press Grip which creates a forward leaning shaft that allows the player to make a stroke that creates an upward motion through the strike without adding loft to the putter face.

Press grips.png



Free Custom Fitting with Every Purchase of any L.A.B. Putter

This is an image for the torque-free Directed Force Putter created by LAB Golf.
The Directed Force Putter is custom fitted to your specific needs of lir angle and length at the Greeenside Golf Academy Nexus Club, Tribeca New York

Available in Four Colors

The Directe Force Putter is available in a silver finish.

L.A.B. Lie Angle Balance

is the trademarked technology that is used in the Directed Force Putters. It is the only putter in the marketplace that defies the torque (a twisting force that causes rotation) that is associated with every other putter. We offer both a mallet and a blade with this technology. 

During the fitting process, you determine the length and the lie angle of the putter and we build a putter to those specifications that can swing on arc with the proper amount of face rotation that permits delivering the putter to the ball with the face square. Through the placement of weight in the sole, toe and heel of the putter our technicians can add or subtract face rotation as needed. Every player has an amount of face rotation in their stroke. If a player has too little, we can add some and if there is too much, we can subtract it with LAB proprietary technology.

Each putter is custom made to the specifications you require which allows you to offer this putter to your members and guests without the investment of carrying inventory and tying up thousands of dollars in product that might never sell. Directed Force Putters have a high MOI (Moment of Inertia). The concept of Moment of Inertia in a putter is simple. Moment of Inertia is defined as a measurement of an object's resistance to twisting. The higher the MOI of an object the more resistant it is to rotate about its center.

This is particularly valuable to off center hits on the heel or toe. There is very little energy loss or twisting when this occurs with the Directed Force putter. The putter is available in standard, arm-lock and broomstick versions.

Directed Force Putters are USGA conforming and some of the unique properties

of this putter are:

  • Lie Angle Balance which addresses the problem of unwanted putter head rotation and torque

  • Putter heads are milled on Haas CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines from 606 aircraft aluminum for the mallet and brass (alloy of copper and zinc) for the blade

  • Mallet Heads are available in four colors black, red, blue and silver and the blade is milled from brass

  • Proprietary Press Grip on each putter

  • The shaft is implanted directly into the putter head with elliptical grip design producing

  • 1.5 degrees of forward shaft lean in the mallet and 5 degrees in the blade

  • Both putter heads have 2 degrees of loft

  • Shaft lengths are available from 28" to 51"

  • Lie angles range from 63 Degrees to 79 Degrees

  • The head weight is approximately 360 grams before weighting
    Both putter heads are machine milled and the mallet has an anodized finish. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the surface into a durable and corrosion resistant finish
    Why are there grooves on the putter face? Grooves will narrow dispersion if there is dampness or dirt present. Dampens the sound upon impact
    What is the purpose of the saying "The most innovative putter since 1750"? 1750 was the first known usage of the word putter. Until that time it was known as a "putting cleek"

  • Directed Force Putters will have up to 36 Sight Lines available in the Custom Shop on the new website. The various sight lines are a valuable tool when aiming

  • Arm-lock Directed Force Putters are now available in both RH and LH. These putters are built with 5 Degrees or 7 Degrees forward shaft lean and to a specified length The Directed Force Lie Angle Balanced Blade was introduced at the PGA Show in January 2019 and is new to the marketplace

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