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Evolution Golf

The Flatstick Fire created by Evolution Golf provides 5 key data points in the putting stroke:


• Swing Speed in ft/s
• Impact Acceleration
• Backswing/ Forward Swing
• Swing Duration
• Backswing Length

Evolution Golftechnology is aailbale at the Greenside Golf Ac demy Nexus Club, Tribeca, New York.
Capyuring putter data with the Flatstick Fire at the Greenside Golf Academy Nexus Golf Tribeca, New York.
The Flatstick Fire is one of the greatest pieces of technology available at the Greenside Golf Academy Nexus Golf in Tribeca, New York.

The ability to measure impact acceleration with extreme accuracy is of tremendous value in assisting players in developing their skills to control distance. When coupled with the ability to read greens correctly all of my players can begin to create an improved putting performance. The acceleration number at impact effects how quickly the ball stops skidding and starts rolling which will determine how well it tracks its start-line. A narrow range of acceleration produces low variability in face-squareness and attack-angle at impact. The appropriate swing-speed with the acceptable acceleration rates has proven to me to create putting solutions for many of my players. The Flatstick provides both timing and swing geometry through immediate visual feedback of recorded putt data. It teaches the objective elements of putting performance that a player can understand, execute, and rely on daily. This device has quickly become one of my favorite tools as it quickly assists every player.

Putting data from the Flatstick Fire
Innovative putting technology at the Greenside Golf Acadmey Nexus Golf Tribeca, New York.
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