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Golf Lesson Testimonials

Desert venues are always popular during the winter months

"John's keen desire to be one of the best teachers in America is not only very evident, but he takes active steps to make it happen. He is very bright and has studied under most every top instructor in golf. His position for several years as the head of the golf schools for Golf Digest put him in a unique position to observe and learn from the game's finest teachers. He has a complete understanding of technique, but more importantly, understands that there is more than one way to swing a golf club. He has the very rare gift of being able to help anyone who walks through his door. Beyond his technique and skills, John is a born teacher in that he can communicate and he cares about people. He is the kind of warm, gentle and gracious man that people enjoy associating with."

Jim Hardy
Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher

"Prepare yourself for success!"

"Because of John's experience and knowledge, he is professional, patient and positive. He is dedicated to an enjoyable learning experience. He knows what level of instruction you need and he works with you until you get it".

Alicia Stern
Apparel Executive

A successful follow thorugh motion on a golf swing from the rough to the greens.

"John Hobbins has been my golf instructor since Oct 2011, when I first took up golf. John is a terrific teacher who combines a clear vision of what needs to be learned with an empathy very much appreciated by a guy like me who sometimes doesn't get it right the first, tenth or hundredth time.

I enjoy my time with him immensely as he makes the process fun. This is key for those inevitable ups and downs that come with learning something new. He has been invaluable in helping me push through when pushing through was needed. I've also had John teach my two boys - which has been terrific as its allowed me to play with both of them on a consistent basis, my reason for taking up the sport in the first place. They enjoy their time with him and have learned lessons far beyond golf from their time with him. As a result of John's teaching, I am now a pretty consistent golfer in the 90s and have even crossed into the 80s once. I understand this is pretty unusual for an adult who took up the sport a year and a half ago. But it's really due to John's approach, to the logical structure of his program, and to his ability to teach. I would recommend him highly for anyone, including single handicap golfers, folks who are starting out just like me, and children."

Charles "Mac" LaFollette
Founder, Graduate Capital

"I'm playing again after a long absence from the game caused by an injury. John is helping me build a swing from the ground up that is enabling me to hit the ball as I always desired. My progress has been consistent and I recently carded my first eagle at Bay Hill during a seven hole stretch of one under par golf. Not bad for a 15 handicapper! John has me more motivated than ever to reach my full potential -- I'm thrilled to be working with him."

Scott Flanders
Chief Executive Officer, eHealth Insurance Inc. Retired

"Dear John: You are without a doubt the best teacher of golf that I have met. With all the instructional books, golf channel instruction, videos, gadgets, etc, your ideas about the swing cuts away all of that chaff and allows me to hit the ball with power and accuracy. Whenever I find the time to practice and play I enjoy the game more than ever. It helps my ego when my golfing buddies tell me how much my golf game has improved from tee to green. I can't thank you enough for all the joy you've given me."

Maurice Kaplow
Conductor, New York City Ballet (retired)

"In our club championship qualifying round, I was paired with a player who'd been a professional and was recently reinstated as an amateur. He currently plays to a plus 2. He told me to tell you he thought you had done a great job with my swing. It's usually in the right place and I know where it should be. I played 12 good holes and scrambled when necessary. We both qualified with rounds in the low 70s. Thank you!"

Greg Hansen
Investment and Finance (Retired)

Playing golf at an oceanside venue

"I have been thrilled with the progress I have experienced under the guidance of John Hobbins  I can now definitively see changes in the areas we have been working on. If anything, my golf swing is the simplest it has ever been. The lesson programs are structured and there is a formula that we have proven to be successful."

Zaheen Mir
Vice President, Structured Credit,
JP Morgan Investment Bank

"I've worked with many golf instructors, and John is the best. He thoroughly understands the golf swing. Unlike most golf instructors, he explains how to achieve the proper body motion and club position, rather than just telling you the proper result to be achieved. John is able to thoroughly explain these motions in simple terms. I always look forward our golf lessons and the learning experience it provides me."

Richard Cieri
Senior Partner (Retired) Kirkland & Ellis

Kirkland & Ellis LLP

arelaxing golf outing with friends
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