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One of the few positions in golf that's elusive to most players, are the position of the hands, wrists, arms, and club handle relative to the club shaft and club head when the ball is struck. This is key to consistent and successful ball striking. With the addition of the Clubhead Attachment (RH only)  you will now have a better sense of how the wrists affect the face of the club during impact. 


Snap Device training will help you in the following areas:

1. Square the clubface
2. Stabilize your impact
3. Eliminate flipping or casting of the club during impact
4. Learn how to compress the golf ball against the face of the club

Impact Snap Device

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  • The Impact Snap Device uses a tactile feel along with a sliding weight that lets you to know when you’ve set the device properly and released properly. If executed correctly, the touch device (yellow ball) will tuck under your lower arm. If it misses your arm and turns to the right, you’ve flipped your wrists. By repeating this motion, you’ll build correct patterns of muscle movement, and learn the feeling of proper impact position. You can do this exercise at home, at the office, before a practice session or a round of golf. It will help you train the correct patterns of motor behavior for proper impact on a consistent basis.

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