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What sets Makefield Putters apart from major golf club manufacturers is our use of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.  Most putters are made with multiple pieces of cast materials.  Although fast and cheap, this type of construction causes vibration in the putter head, resulting in long skid distance and limited distance and directional control. Makefield Putters start as a solid piece of Aircraft Grade Alloy that is then CNC milled and assembled using custom-built robotics.  Our in-house artisans anodize, and laser engrave each Makefield Putter to our customer’s specifications.


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Makefield Putters “Path of Inertia” naturally guides your stroke, balances the clubface to the path, and provides consistent centeredness of impact to produce an immediate, consistent roll that lowers golf scores. In combination with our weight changing technology Makefield Putters have endless customization options, truly making it the last putter you will ever need. 


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Once ordered your Makefield Putter will ship to you the next day. This is the fastest custom putter fulfillment in the industry.

Makefield VS Putter

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  • All of these products are for shipping within the United States. Should you wish to purchase products and ship internationally please contact me at

    My policy is to process and ship your order on the day you order it. All orders in the USA are shipped through or

    Once your order is processed you will receive a notice through your email with a tracking number of the carrier. You may use this number to track your package on the website of the company who will deliver your shipment. Should you have any questions please contact me through my email at Thank you for purchase.

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